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When Kate was a child, her parents ran a cake and dessert store. Kate spent most of the time helping in the cake store during the school holidays every year.Since then,Kate has gradually developed a strong interest in baking.

However,Kate was not good at baking at first, she could not even do the simple kneading flour well,she was very frustrated.Once upon a time,Kate saw that his parents made beautiful cakes with baking tools and used piping tips set to create lots of beautiful patterns on the cake,Kate understands that baking tools can improve the efficiency of making cakes,and it is not difficult to make cake.Since then,Kate has established confidence in baking.

After growing up, kate can make cakes and bread independently. In her second year of college, kate signed up to participate in the cake making competition held in her city. Although kate did not win the ranking, she showed her outstanding baking talent to everyone through this competition. What's more,she gained fame and popularity.Since then,Kate has loved baking even more.

Kate needed to use cake decorating tools when making cakes, so one day kate thought, why not develop an own brand of baking decorating tools to make baking more easier so more and more people will love making cakes?After several months of preparation, kate founded the kasmoire brand with the support of family and friends, aiming to provide customers with easier and faster baking decoration tools, let more people fall in love with baking and enjoy the fun of home baking.

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